Grazing Tables

Grazing table runner

Smaller scale grazing table runner. Our newest offering which includes an appetizer portion runner full of the charcuterie goods you love - meats, cheeses, olives, nuts & dried fruit, grapes, as well as some sweet accompaniments and crackers. The perfect solution for your small, budget friendly gatherings!

Flat Lay Grazing Table

Our gorgeous flat lay arrangements are build directly on a flat surface on food-safe parchment paper. All arrangements include various hard and soft cheeses, premium charcuterie meats, marinated olives, fresh seasonal fruit and berries, a variety of fresh vegetables, various nuts and dried fruit, crackers, fresh bread as well as an assortment of sweet treats. Other custom menu options are often added to reflect the theme and season of the event!

Elavated Grazing Table

A multi dimensional grazing table that truly is there to impress. An extensive selection of imported and domestic hard and semi-soft cheeses, premium charcuterie meats, marinated olives, artichoke hearts and pickles, variety of fruit & berries, seasonal veggies, various nuts and dried fruits, an assortment of sweets, artisan bread, and crackers. All set up in an elevated manner with risers and decor to match your event when applicable.